Next stop… Shropshire!

The award-winning bus-based Real Ale Trail festival is coming to rural pubs in Shropshire on 27th April 2019! Visit great Real Ale pubs without worrying who’s driving.


Taking the scenic route to Real Ale.

Enjoy a day out with friends without needing a designated driver! Our dedicated bus service will take you out of Shrewsbury out into the countryside. Buses arrive every 30 minutes at each pub to pick you up and drop you off between 12noon and 10 pm, giving you the freedom to stay as long or as little in each pub.

Each pub is chosen for its hospitality, atmosphere and of course selection of Real Ale, usually brewed by local microbreweries such as Salopian, Battlefield, Woods Brewery and Three Tons Brewery!  Each pub has a minimum of 3 Real Ales to try, with up to 50 Real Ales to sample on the day.

Participating pubs will be announced soon!

Shropshire Real Ale Trail


Tickets will be available online soon and from all participating pubs from 1st March 2019. Tickets are £15 in advance and £18 on the day allowing you to hop on and off the dedicated Real Ale Trail buses all day and visit up to 9 pubs.

ale trail bus

The trail is designed for the more mature person who is wanting a jolly day with friends, we don’t advise trying to reach every pub on the trail, that’s rather a full day on the bus, but rather selecting a few pubs that take your fancy.

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Frequently asked questions

How much are tickets online? £15.75 pp (online), £15pp (in the pub)

What time does it start & finish? 12noon to 10pm.

Where do I buy a  ticket from? Here or at your local pub.

When do I need to catch the bus? Whenever you want between 12 noon and 10pm. A timetable will be available, but usually every 30 to 45 minutes a bus will appear at a pub. If you want to miss it and get the next one, you can do. Just leave enough time to get to all the pubs you want to visit.

Where do I catch the bus? From all participating pubs.

What do I do when I want to go home? No problem. Jump on the bus to take you back to where you started.

Can I drink on the bus too? Nope. The bus is just for transport and singing not for drinking.

Can I go back the way I came? Err no. The bus travels in one direction only.

What happens if a bus doesn’t come? There is always lots of buses on route, there is never not a bus. One will always turn up.

Is there a timetable? Yes on Facebook, Twitter and at each venue 1 week before the trail.

Can my dog come too? Umm its not a great place for pooches, they are best left at home due to the amount of people on the events, it can be a tad overwhelming for them.

Can my child come on the trail? No!

Have a different question? Email us [email protected]

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Shropshire Real Ale Trail will be held in April 2019 and follows the same principles as all the other trails. Start where you like, when you like, but make sure you do it with great friends. More pubs to be announced.

The Tiddly • Ellerdine

Royal Oak - The Tiddly, Hazles Rd, Telford TF6 6RL, UK

Fox Inn • Wem

Fox Inn, High Street, Wem, Shrewsbury, UK

Bricklayer Arms • Shrewsbury

The Bricklayers Arms, Copthorne Road, Shrewsbury, UK

The Bull • Rodington

The Bull, Rodington, Shrewsbury, UK