Fun in the forest: Wyre not hit the Ale Trail?

We at Ale Trail HQ still feel a little guilty about taking so long to invite the Wyre Forest to the Real Ale Trail party. 

We still can’t believe that last September’s Trail was the first to take in such a beautiful and beer-loving part of the world. We’re truly sorry about that.
If you did make it to that first Trail, we feel certain you’ll be chuffed to hear that there’s another one hovering into view. If you didn’t, and you’re an ale-loving chap or chap-ess of a certain vintage, then please read on. You’ll be glad you did.

For the uninitiated, the basic premise of an Ale Trail is this: A bus chauffeurs you all day through spectacular countryside to rural pubs. Every half an hour or so, a bus will appear at each pub on the trail to ferry you to the next pub. You can visit as many or as few pubs as you want and stay at each one for as long as you want. It’s that simple.

We make a beeline for quirky, off-the-beaten track and hidden pubs – you may well never have heard or visited them before – where real ale and great hospitality is their thing. The real pleasure of the trails comes from exploring pubs and ales you’ve never tried before, without worrying about driving.

It’s basically a one-day beer festival on wheels.

This spring’s Forest Trail is well worth a few hours of your time for two reasons. Firstly, who doesn’t like the idea of spending a day drinking a handful of great ales with good mates while someone else drives?

Secondly, the pubs and places you’ll be visiting are something else. 

Starting out in Kidderminster with the railway-themed King and Castle, we’ll wend our way through Stourport, beautiful Bewdley, Pensax, Harlebury, Ismere, Callow Hills and Chaddesley Corbett. Not a bad itinerary, then.

Stourport’s Black Star is a recent winner of CAMRA’s Pub of the Season, and for those of you looking for something a little different, don’t forget to check out ‘Brothers in Ale’ Alex and Seb Vale’s self-titled bar. With its bespoke suspended ‘chandelier’ made from cut back oil drums, a large bar featuring four hand pulls and six craft taps on the brick-tiled wall, it’s not to be missed.

Whichever pubs you decide to descend upon, though, you can’t go wrong – every pub on the list is worth a visit. One word of warning, though; we wouldn’t recommend trying to take in them all – although singing on the bus and dad-dancing is positively encouraged, the Trails are about having fun not getting plastered!

Enough to whet your appetite? We thought so! Next step: check that you’re 24 or over, round yourself up a group of similarly ale-loving friends, and head over to our website to book. It’s as simple as that.

Venues in full:

King and Castle, Kidderminster

The Old Waggon & Horses, Ismere

The Black Boy, Bewdley

Duke Williams. Callow Hill

The Fox Inn, Chaddesley Corbett

Brothers of Ale, Stourport

The Black Star, Stourport

The Bell in Pensax – New

The Tap in Harlebury – New

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