Fun in the forest: Wyre not hit the Ale Trail?

Phew that was a long 18 months…but we are now out of hibernation!

That’s nearly two years where we haven’t been able to enjoy watching scores of you all getting you groups of buddies together and being bussed from one pub to another while enjoying tasty real ales, refreshing craft beers and even gin.

Following the last trails of the year back in 2019, before the world went completely C-shaped, we were set to get back on the bus in Sept 2019 then April this year. Then lockdown 2.0 put paid to all that.

But as of September, Ale Trails are BACK! 

Judging by the number of people who bought tickets back at the start of the year, you were all keen to get Trailing again too. So here’s the good news: If you bought a ticket for one of our Spring Trails then it’s still valid for September. 

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate being able to actually spend time with your friends, may we respectfully suggest that you text your buddies, follow the links at the bottom of the page and book your ticket to ride today.

If you’ve never been on a Trail before, the Trails are experiences which are not to be missed – an opportunity to enjoy a few beers with some good friends on a Saturday afternoon without worrying about who’s going to be driving.

Instead, you’ll be transported from glorious pub to glorious pub on our Ale Trail buses, with coaches picking up and dropping off at each of the hostelries on the trail every half an hour. 

Singing on the bus is all part of the experience and ours are the only days out which positively encourage dad-dancing!

Each trail – we run days out all over Wales and into Wirral and Cheshire – takes in around 10 pubs, but most of our Trailers pick two or three which they particularly enjoy and spend most of their afternoon there. 

We don’t recommend trying to take in every one – most Trailers enjoy spending the day having fun with their friends over a few real ales but like to remember what they talked about the next day!

We always promise a minimum of three real ales in each pub, with at least 50 on the whole Trail. To find out where and when the next Ale Trail nearest to you is, follow the links at the bottom of the page and book today!

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