Pub numbers ‘rise for first time in 10 years’

It’s no secret that UK pubs and bars have been struggling. Due to rising alcohol taxes, changes to business rates and a new generation that doesn’t drink much – the pub trade have had very little to celebrate. However, for the first time in a decade, the number of licensed premises is on the rise! 

Pub numbers ‘rise for first time in 10

Official Labour Market Statistics from the ONS/Nomis show that there has been a dramatic turnaround over the past year. There has been a net gain of 320 pubs in 2019, compared to the loss of 732 pubs per year on average, since 2010. 

Stampede founder and CEO Patrick Clover said: “Pubs have a hugely important place in our society both socially as well as economically, being one of the UK’s biggest employers.”

The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) showed beer sales volumes dropped to 3.6bn pints in 2019 compared to a peak of 5.7bn pints on 2007. In the same report, the BBPA noted a rise in craft and world beers, growing by 194,000 and 218,000 pints respectively, this year.

However, Nik Antona, chairman of real ale enthusiast’s group Camra, said “We welcome this data that shows a slight increase in the number of open pubs nationally. Unfortunately, pubs continue to close, particularly in small or rural communities.” 

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