event cancellation announcement


We are very sorry to inform you of the cancellation of the Wirral Real Ale Trail that was taking place on Saturday, 20 May 2023.

This cancellation is out of our control and is a result of the transportation company we hired to do the job, Happy Als in the Wirral, pulling out last minute without warning or apology and leaving us with no time to find a replacement despite our very best efforts.

We are devastated. This is the first time in the history of Ale Trails Ltd, which has been running for ten years, that we have had to cancel an event.

When we asked why Happy Als had given us such short notice to cancel the booking they originally stated they had to repair the buses, but when we pushed further, they finally admitted that they had had several drivers walk out and were cancelling our job.

After trying to find a replacement transportation both locally and from afar, but being unsuccessful, we asked them if they could help us find a new transportation company, but they declined and said it was not their problem nor their job to help us. So that was that.

The cancellation is devastating not just for us the organisers, but also for the pubs that prepared food, drinks, and entertainment for the day, as well as the many local suppliers that will now lose business as this event brings huge economic benefits to the area.  And of course, a disappointment for everyone that purchased tickets and is now not able to attend the event.

We are extremely disappointed and cannot express our deep regret to you, our customers, and the pubs enough, that after months of hard work behind the scenes, from the organisers and the pubs, there is nothing left but to cancel the event.

Once again, we sincerely apologise to all our customers and the pubs and everyone else that is affected by this news.

Shelly Barratt, Ale Trails Ltd Director


What happens next?

We will be in touch in due course to advise you of your options.