Flintshire Real Ale Trail

Returning 2021

West Yorkshire Real Ale Trail
the original the event that made all Trails

Flintshire Real Ale Trail

Unfortunately Flintshire Ale Trail will not run in 2021

Following nearly a decade of Flintshire’s much loved event (the founding event of all Trails we have today sprawling the UK), we are now at a time where our local pubs decide when to celebrate the next Flintshire trail.  As owners of the event we have decided to allow the wheels of the bus to stop and take some time out rather than fill the void with a mediocre event. We want only the best for our rural pubs and the local ale scene and we do hope to return in the future with the support of all those who feel the same as we do. 
In the mean time we ask that you do your bit and support the village pub, let’s help buck the trend of 16 pubs closing each week in the UK. Go explore and find new locals, new beers and most of all do it with great company! Hwyl Fawr for now! Love Ale Trails  

Taking the scenic route to great Pubs & Real Ale

Great real ale, good food, loads of great rural pubs, entertainment, Welsh microbreweries and friends……..this is what the Flintshire Real Ale Trail is all about! So grab a ticket from the pubs and a gaggle of your friends and we will provide the rest! On the day you will discover some of the best pubs nestled in the Flintshire villages and towns, they will all serve delicious Real Ale ands and a warm welcome to boot.

Whilst real ale enthusiasts have always visited Flintshire’s pubs with quality ales and foods… the problem always is the designated driver, they can never join in…

Our pubs put on fantastic guest ales, home-cooked food and entertainment. What more do you want out of a day? There is a minimum of 3 ales in each pub and over 50 ales on the whole trail.

Where is all began…

The Original Flintshire Real Ale Trail was our very first trail back in 2009, set up to support small welsh pubs within the Flintshire Tourism Association to attract more customers. The idea to help rural pubs promote their rural location by taking people right to the doorstep of the pub (sometimes pubs are in a middle of field in places people have never visited) hoping people will visit again in their own time. Pubs became known more and more and the trail became a sell out event that people looked forward to each year.

Pubs are an important feature for the small Welsh rural communities. Nine years ago these small businesses faced hard times due to the smoking ban, reduction in drink driving limits and the change in drinking habits.  Hundreds of pubs closed down never to reopen and this trend continues.  It was for this reason the Flintshire Real Ale Trail was born, to literally drive people to pubs often found in the middle of nowhere in a field and introduce people to them without the worry of driving.  The Flintshire Real Ale Trail introduced hundreds of people to small Welsh pubs and what a blast it has been ever since!

The events are a great success with locals supporting the Flintshire Trail twice a year.  Due to the popularity of the event we needed “a bigger boat” to coin a phrase. We have more buses, change the route each time and include lots of interesting pubs. The rest, as they say, is history. All aboard!

If you like our ethos you certainly will like CAMRA = ‘Campaigning for Real Ale’ you can find more information about them here.