Your Brand or your Face on this Beer here!

I know what you’re thinking! Finally! A chance to put my face on a beer bottle that doesn’t involve sellotape and a bottle of Stella Artois!

This is how you get your very own personalised beer!

Picture this… you’re off to another trade show. Your stall is at the back of the room getting zero attention! “But why? I’ve brought my personalised pens!” Guess what? Nobody wants another pen and we won’t even mention that box of fidget spinners you’ve got in the back of the stationary cupboard. What is going to get everyone excited about your brand? BEER!

Whether you’re looking for something to reward staff, giveaway at trade shows or as a thank you to suppliers… our personalised Micro-Brewery beer gets your message across whilst keeping your brand quite literally in their face!

Personalise the label with your very own logo, company name (up-to 20 characters) and message (up-to 150 characters).

We use photo quality labels and top quality Welsh Micro-brewery beer.

Minimum order: 120 x 330ml bottles – £230.40

We deliver to ANYWHERE in the UK. Delivery price depends on location. Drop us an enquiry at and we’ll provide you with a quote.

Looking for smaller quantities – find our packs of Personalised Beer (6 bottles) here!