Awarding-winning bus based Real Ale Trail Event to hit The Vale of Glamorgan 15th  September 2018!

After proving a huge hit in North Wales, the Real Ale Trail lands in the Vale of Glamorgan in April. We have found some very interesting pubs with over 50 outstanding Ales for you to experience on our one day bus based event.

On the trail of a good day out

Glamorgan in South Wales is full to the brim with some of the best pubs a real ale drinker could wish for, with its own breweries and a huge array of villages to drink in.

Sampling those pubs – and most importantly, that ale – presents your average real ale fan with one major problem: who’s going to do the driving?

Until now. The Real Ale Trail gives drinkers the opportunity to sample up to 10 fantastic pubs in one day without having to worry who’s going to ferry them between hostelries – and we are thrilled to confirm that it is coming to the Vale of Glamorgan after proving a huge hit in North Wales.

Beers aside, the Trail gives drinkers the opportunity to sample some of the fantastic scenery, wonderful villages and crisp seaside the Vale has to offer.

Great  Pubs and Great Real Ale…

Each of the pubs has a unique atmosphere, a wide selection of ales and if you’re staying for the whole day – and why wouldn’t you? – finding something to eat won’t be a problem either as many pubs on route cook delicious homemade food.

On the Trail of unique Ales

We love microbreweries! Wales recently has seen the number of microbreweries increase to over 100 small batch brewers popping up all over the country, which means an there’s more unique ales to try. Our hand-selected pubs are proud to serve locally brewed Real Ale from across the Vale and South Wales breweries.

R.A.T. Bus in arriving in Cowbridge


Ale Trail Shuttle Bus

Hop on board!

Real Ale Trail buses pick up and drop off at each of the pubs on the trail every half an hour from 11am to 11pm, so dads looking for a fun day out with their friends after a busy week at work can enjoy a pint or two without worrying about driving home.

Tickets Please!

You can start from any pub on the route at anytime. All you need to do is buy a ticket sold at the participating pubs or here online from the 1st March. (Please do not buy tickets from another vendors as they won’t be accepted on the Trail. )



Frequently asked questions

How much are tickets? £15.75 per person.

What time does it start & finish? 11am to 11pm.

When do I need to catch the bus? Whenever you want between 11 and 11. A timetable will be available, but usually every 30 to 45 minutes a bus will appear at a pub. If you want to miss it and get the next one, you can do. Just leave enough time to get to all the pubs you want to visit.

Where do I catch the bus? From all participating pubs.

What do I do when I want to go home? No problem. Jump on the bus to take you back to where you started.

Can I drink on the bus too? Nope. The bus is just for transport not for drinking.

 What do I do next?

First, buy a ticket here or at any of the participating pubs on the trail. Grab some friends who are great company and make you laugh, board the bus with your ticket (singing is not compulsory but we encourage it) and prepare to enjoy a day of quaffing local ales, sampling the food and entertainment and joining in with the singing on the bus, discussing the merits of fine ale and going home happy. Don’t forget to take some pictures too!

A ticket gets you unlimited travel all day long, and if you are brave you can go around the route as many times as you like. From experience we might add that this is unlikely!


Iechyd Da!

See the map below for more info on the


The Vale Real Ale Trail follows the same principles as all the other trails. Start where you like, when you like, but make sure you do it with great friend. Next Trail will be 15th September 2018. More pubs to be announced.

Fontygary Inn • Rhoose

Fontygary Inn, Fonmon Road, Rhoose, United Kingdom

Red Lion • Pendoylan

Pendoylan, Cowbridge CF71 7UJ, United Kingdom

1 Town Hall Square • Cowbridge

1 Town Hall Square, Town Hall Square, Cowbridge CF71 7DD, United Kingdom

Sportsman's Rest • Peterson-super-Ely

Peterston-super-Ely, Cardiff CF5 6LH, United Kingdom

6 Bells • Penmark

Penmark, Rhoose, Barry CF62 3BP, United Kingdom

Hare & Hounds • Aberthin

Aberthin, Cowbridge CF71 7LG, United Kingdom

3 Horseshoes • Moulton

Three Horseshoes, Barry, UK