Flintshire Real Ale Trail returns a NEW route including 7 new pubs and 3 new micro brewerers on route, you may find your new favourite pub and aReal Ale on this years Flintshire Real Ale Trail on Sept 9th


It’s all change for the much loved bus based trail event this September as the original Flintshire Real Ale Trail has formulated a whole new route that visits the other side of Flintshire and shines a spotlight on new interesting pubs and excitingly they will be visiting two craft ale makers too.

Shelly Ale Trail Director says ‘We’ve been on the pursuit of finding new pubs to introduce people to for a few months now and we wanted to showcase our special local Breweries this time in a much bigger way.   We couldn’t include more pubs before as it made the trail way to long, so this September we focused on the other side of Flintshire, but the bus pickup is still at our old favourite the Gold Cape.’

Not the only change the Flintshire Ale Trail will see this year Bus Operator Llew Jones has geared up and is ready to put more frequent buses delivering people faster to venues with less waiting time.

Steve Jones Llew Jones Managing Director said, ‘It was our first ever Ale Trail and I will hold my hands up, we got caught out. I was so disappointed that’s not how we want to be remembered, so this trail we have pushed all the stops out, increased the bus frequency, increased the number of buses and have made lots of operational changes to make the day go very smoothly, like the others we have done since.’      

Real Ale Trail Flintshire  event is a bus based Real Ale Festival and its in 7th year running. This one-day event gives you the reason to meet up with great friends without the worry of who’s going be the designated driver! We take care of the transport and the hospitality, all you have to worry about is where to start. An unlimited travel ticket is £15, available in all participating pubs and online now! 9th Sept, 11am to 11pm. Bottoms Up!

New arrivals are:

Ale Trails is a Flintshire based company and was set up to support small rural businesses struggling to market on a wide scale.   Its roots are based in tourism and raising awareness of great little Welsh pubs. The wider impact on the economy is immense with lots of business benefiting from the increase in the local economy such as Ale Makers, Buses companies, Designers, Farmers, B&B’s, and the extra work force needed to cope with the increase in people.

 The Trail is very much loved by people in Flintshire as it’s a great opportunity to set the date to meet up with friends and have a most enjoyable day. Get your ticket now.