Dad’s Gift 2 – Ale, Box, T-Shirt & Ticket



Searching for the best dads birthday gift idea? Here it is!

Whats included?

Six pack of Real Ale presented in a rustic Dad’s Beer Box with bottle opener. Our Ale comes in packs of 6x330ml bottles with 2x ‘R.A.T’ Ales, 2x ‘No 1 Dad’ Ales & 2x ‘Cariad’ Ales, a ‘Ales from Wales’ t-shirt & 1 tickets of joy – 1 ticket to any trail.

R.A.T Ale – is a Ruby IPA abv4.8
Dad Ale – is a Pale Ale 3.9 abv
Cariad Ale – a surprise abv 4.1

Join the perfect Dad’s day out, spending the day visiting country pubs and sampling local ales without worrying who’s driving! To find out more click here.



Give your Dad the perfect Ale lovers gift!

Get a present the rocks, not socks!

Impress you Pappy by giving him a present that will certainly make you the favourite child (for a short time anyhow). A crate of 6 Ales lovely brewed and bottled in Wales, a rustic Dad type box that can be used at all barbies, a witty t-shirt plus a ticket to the award-winning Real Ale Trail in 2018. You won’t fail to impress him this year.

A bit o’ allergy advice: It contains gluten derived from barley and wheat.

*No Rats were hurt in the making of this Real Ale. Just Hops, Wheats, Barley and Malts and Welsh Water.

Dispatch within 7 working days.

Happy Birthday Dad…. The Ale Made For Dads.

Made for only the best fathers in the land, ‘Dads Ale’ is brewed for Dads only, not Moms (but don’t tell her that) and would make an excellent dad’s birthday present idea. Treating your dad to this incredible birthday present will make sure you stay his favourite child forever and that’s a fact!

This small batch handcrafted pale ale brewed and distilled in Wales is quite a unique present as it’s brand new, and created this year to help you both celebrate the year you gifted it to him. Thus making this birthday a very memorable indeed, unless of course, he drinks too much and he’ll never remember the day anyway. Happy birthday dad!

Cariad Ale – for the best Father in town or small village

The word “Cariad” is a Welsh term of endearment, it’s used in the Welsh language when calling for your loved ones…such as  ‘Cariad, put the worm down, and come on in, your teas ready’. As a bad example.

This traditional Welsh Ale brewed with big love, has a modern twist to give it a subtle bitterness combined with a gentle hint of irony…..sorry hops a gentle hint of hops.

They say that money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you the best father’s day gift idea ever and that’s pretty much the same thing…this gift of ale, a t-shirt and a trail surely is the one way of showing your Pop your mighty love on his birthday (in the hope that he forgets all the times you borrowed money and promised to pay him back…). Bottoms up!


Inspired by the Award Winning Real Ale Trail aka RAT event and not small furry mammals (we didn’t think the essence of rat would work somehow) this ale was inspired by ‘days out on buz traveling through the most glorious countryside the world has to offer.

RAT Ale is a lovely Ruby IPA described as having spicy notes, a fruity background, earthy in taste with a black fruit aroma. Some say this is perfect for the gardening Pops of this world and some say no it isn’t. You can be the judge….well your Dad will be the judge as it’s a gift for him, but you know what we mean!

Dads Wooden box with bottle opener

Cause who doesn’t hate finding them pesky bottle openers? Usually cowardly hiding at the back of every drawer. What would come of our dads drinking habits without them? So to make his life easier, we are putting the bottle opener on the box so your mum can’t hide it from him when she thinks he’s already had one too many!

Dads T-Shirt – the gift of Dad jokes

He’s not really your dad if he didn’t bring you up telling you and your mates the most embarrassing Dad jokes all the time, like that one time when he, oh never mind lets not bring back those memories!

So to honour him on his special birthday, give him the gift that will certainly have him chuckling and sharing his newly found Dad joke with his other Dad friends down at the pub with this ‘Ale Trail makes me hoppy t-shirt’.

Dads Day Out – the Gift of Ale & a Trail

To top it all off you can get your Dad a seat on the Ale Trail bus taking him off the beaten track to rural country pubs that serve local microbreweries Ales….and we will also bring him back. The voucher is valid for any Real Ale Trail run by the Ale Trail Company until the end of 2018. Click here for more information about the Trails.

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