How the

Real Ale Trail Works….

(We have a Video to explain how it runs here)

It’s fairly simple. A bus chauffeurs you all day through spectacular countryside to rural pubs. Every half an hour or so, a bus will appear at each pub on the trail to ferry you to the next pub. You can visit as many or as few pubs as you want and stay at each one for as long as you want. It’s that simple.

We make a beeline for quirky, off the beaten track and hidden pubs – you may well never have heard or visited them before – where real ale and great hospitality is their thing. The real pleasure of the festival comes from exploring pubs and ales you’ve never tried before, without worrying about driving.

This event is perfect for people that truly enjoy real ale, good pub food and enjoy spending quality time with great friends.

How A Bus Based Real Ale Trail Works

All Aboard!

Who is it for? Everybody over 24 who enjoys a good day out with good friends who enjoy great Real Ale. For real ale enthusiasts, there’s a minimum of three Ales in each pub (at least 50 ales always on each trail), micro breweries creating speciality Ales just for the day as well as small batch ales, never to be experienced again.

If ale isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other drinks available and sometimes we invite boutique gin makers to join us too.

The idea of the trail is not to get drunk but to enjoy ale and food responsibly. Pubs will not serve you if you have a few too many, so do remember to eat and drink water between stops.

Click here for Alcohol advice Drink Aware.

Frequently asked questions

What time does it start & finish? Usually 11am to 10 pm.

When do I need to catch the bus? Whenever you want between 11 and 10. A timetable will be available, but usually every 30 to 45 minutes a bus will appear at every pub. If you want to miss it and get the next one, you can do. Just leave enough time to get to all the pubs you want to visit.

Where do I catch the bus? From all participating pubs.

What do I do when I want to go home? No problem. Jump on the bus to take you back to where you started.

Can I drink on the bus too? Nope. The bus is just for transport not for drinking.

Can I bring my dog on the Trail? Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on Ale Trail buses.

I’m under 24 can I still come?Heck No! This event is strictly for people who remember when flares were cool the first time round.


What do I do next?

First, buy a ticket here or at any of the participating pubs on the trail you fancy. Grab some friends who are great company and make you laugh, board the bus with your ticket (singing is not compulsory but we encourage it) and prepare to enjoy a day of quaffing local ales, sampling the food and entertainment and joining in with the singing on the bus, discussing the merits of fine ale and going home happy. Don’t forget to take some pictures too!

A ticket gets you unlimited travel all day long, and if you are brave you can go around the route as many times as you like. From experience we might add that this is unlikely!

The real key to having a great time on this event is to share it with great friends.


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