Beer is good for you – it’s official!

Imagine finding out that beer was good for you. Not just good for you in an “it’s good to enjoy a beer with friends” kind of way but good for you in an “it actually helps you live longer” kind of way.
That’s a dream, right? Pull the other one. Never going to happen.
That’s what we thought too. Then we were taking a break from researching our next Ale Trail day out when we came across an actual scientific report online which said that beer actually IS good for you. 
From a real, live, qualified doctor. An actual professor of neurology, neurobiology and behaviour. Check her out here if you don’t believe us.

Two Glasses a day keeps the doctor away!

Dr. Claudia Kawas’ findings indicate that drinking two glasses of beer every day made you more likely to live longer than teetotallers. We should take short breaks from organising our fantastic days out more often!

Talking of which, if Dr Claudia’s findings have inspired you to crack open a beer, you’re old enough to remember when flares were cool and you’re a fan of slightly unusual days out with a difference, why not join other like-minded souls on our next Ale Trail?

The Vale of Glamorgan Real Ale Trail Sept 15th

All Aboard!

For ale fans of a certain vintage, the Trails are experiences which are not to be missed – an opportunity to enjoy a few beers with some good friends on a Saturday afternoon without worrying about who’s going to be driving.

Our coaches visit proper pubs, glorious hostelries chosen for their great attitude to hospitality and ales. Singing on the bus is all part of the experience and ours are the only days out which positively encourage dad-dancing!

Each trail – we run days out all over Wales and into Wirral and Cheshire – takes in around 8 pubs, but most of our Trailers pick two or three which they particularly enjoy and spend most of their afternoon there. 
We don’t recommend trying to take in every one – most Trailers enjoy spending the day having fun with their friends over a few real ales but like to remember what they talked about the next day!

We always promise a minimum of three real ales in each pub, with at least 50 on the whole Trail. To find out where and when the next Ale Trail nearest to you is, visit our website at realaletrail.co.uk. See you there!